- WSL / Joli
- WSL / Joli

It's been a non-stop run of swell on the Gold Coast this week since Cyclone Gretel parked herself off the coast of Queensland, and upon the cancellation of the Corona Open Gold Coast many CT stars have elected to stay on at Coolangatta and sample the cyclone swell.

Griff And Mick Are Rolling

Of all those surfers though it seems that Griffin Colapinto may however have picked the best surf buddy. When you have Mick Fanning taking you to check the Superbank you know you must be doing something right, right?

Mikey Wright Is Back

Like Mick Fanning, Mikey Wright has returned from an injury that curtailed so much of his 2019. His surfing at Snapper over this swell and proven that he is well and truly back to his devastating best. You have to really feel sorry for some of the poor Snapper walls that borne the brunt of his pent up frustration.

And So Is Leo Fioravanti

Prior to the cancellation of the Australian leg of the Tour, Mikey was set to face off with Italian Leonardo Fioravanti for a CT Wildcard place. With no competition the two have been forced into a freesurf battle at Snapper. They've been trading bombs all week, though it's been impossible to judge who has come out on top.

Kerrzy Getting His

However it hasn't just been the current crop of stars that have been getting in on the act. Josh Kerr, who grew up on these points before his move to California, has been one of the Gretel swell standouts. The former World No. 8 and Airborne Tour Director has been on fire, riding a variety of craft and spending as much time over the the barrel as in them.

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