- WSL / Damien Poullenot
- WSL / Damien Poullenot

Following the recent postponement or cancelation of all events until the end of may, the surfing world banded together to encourage people to stay home and avoid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Europe and now even Australia, many beaches have completely closed down with surfing prohibited, forcing our athletes to get extra creative.

And with more beaches likely to continue closing around the world, we wanted to catch up with our surfers and see how they're using the extended time at home to stay sharp, healthy, and happy until we resume competition.

Jordy and JJF Cross Train On The Their Bikes

Jordy and John take to the bike in Pupukea to keep the sweat on, and it looks like it was tougher than Jordy was expecting.

Sally's Creative Home Workout Routine

Sally Fitzgibbons is staying stoked with some isolated home workouts. If you've got any ideas for her, she's accepting submissions.

Sell It With Griffin Colapinto

Griff sure can sell those Terra chips! He's keeping the vibes right at home with a social media challenge, calling people out on Instagram to grab something from the pantry and improv a line, selling their favorite products. What have you stocked up on? Now's your chance to sing its praises.

The Best Self Isolation Location Ever?

Brisa Hennessy is currently staying on Namotu, maybe the greatest place for a surfer to self isolate, ever. And what is she doing? Cleaning up the beaches! Thanks for doing you bit, Brisa.

Nic Von Rupp Has The Best Hair On The Internet

Since the beginning of the lock down in Europe, Nic Von Rupp has encouraged surfers around the world to stay home and avoid the spread of Covid 19. It looks like he and partner Matilde are enjoying some extra time at the house.

Courtney Catches Up On Home Improvement

Conlogue is expanding her already long list of talents by painting her home.

Coffin Keeps Jammin'

Conner is back in Santa Barbara shredding on the guitar. He's also cooking up a ton of fresh produce straight from his garden.

Where in the World is Slater?

Then there's Kelly being Kelly. We're not sure where he is, but we think he's probably getting more waves than anyone.

According to his Instagram, the GOAT's thinking about what a long-term quarantine could do to his appearance. It would be awesome to see Kelly with a beard. Think he'll do it?

Gatien Delahaye Is Not Letting Anything Stop Him From Getting A Surf In

Now that's a creative way to get your fix.

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