- WSL / Kelly Cestari
- WSL / Kelly Cestari

John John Florence just dropped another edit in his "Single Session" series. Featuring all three of the Florence boys and their friend Eli Olson, they get into some clean, solid surf at home on the North Shore. The two-time World Champ's performance is mellow and measured, like a casual line through a skatepark, but all the telltale signs of how good his surfing is right now are in place.

The water off of his rail on his forehand carves is clean and voluminous. The flow and linkage between turns is seamless. And there doesn't appear to be any hesitation when it comes to taking to the air.

Throughout the offseason, Florence has been putting in the work to get back to his World Title-winning caliber, and based on what his coach Ross Williams just said on Instagram, he's in a great place right now.

"The kid is primed to compete and win once again," reports Williams.

In a recent post Williams recounted a training trip him and Florence made to the Surf Ranch prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The trip fed all of our confidence," said Williams.

"He's continued to progress since this clip and seems to get stronger and more confident every session. Much like the year before, the goal on this particular trip was to work on his technique, try some new boards and see where he was at physically," he adds.

"The pool is an amazing place to work on technique. I'd ride on the ski, film him with my phone (as you can see on these clips here) and then he'd hop on the sled, watch it back so that we could discuss. Wave after wave. Each time honing in on the objective. Every 2 minutes John would use that visual and discussion, and implement it on an exact replica of the wave he just surfed. This is not really possible in the ocean. The repetition and user friendly environment for coaching makes these sessions at the pool my favorite to work in."

After the Surf Ranch, Florence, Williams and company headed down to the Gold Coast to continue working on new boards, and "had success finding some magic."

With more time off to recover from his knee surgery and train, when the Championship Tour does eventually kick off Florence could pick up right where he left off last year-winning events and wearing the Jeep Leader's Jersey.

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