It wasn't an epic winter for the points of Santa Barbara by any stretch. The Pacific never really got in one of those rhythms where it pumped out west swell after west swell. After New Year's there really wasn't much over head-high to speak of.

But an ardent disciple of Rincon knows that there are still windows when the tides and west swell swing in the favor of the dedicated and trigger the long, tapered rights. Conner Coffin is one such disciple.

With one last pulse to end the winter, Coffin caught a couple of playful late-season days at the point before he hunkered down at home. Quintessentially Rincon, the waves were as playful and fun as they get. He put his new Channel Islands' twin-fin through the paces and shared the lineup with some of the true locals -- a pod of dolphins.

Rincon's always bred epic style, and as you'll see in Coffin's new drop, the timing, rail work and body English is impeccable. Look no further to see why he's considered one of the best pointbreak surfers in the world.

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