Before international travel hit the pause button, Filipe Toledo spent some time training down in Salina Cruz, Mexico. He just dropped a new edit on his YouTube channel detailing the trip.

"It was right before the lockdown and all of this started happening," Toledo explained. "It was a fun trip. It was actually a trip for training for the Gold Coast - perfect right pointbreaks. it was really fun."

But proof positive that even the best laid plans and the best surfers in the world are at the mercy of Mother Nature, the points proved to be fickle. But a man of Toledo's talent and drive knows to seek out alternatives, and when the conditions didn't cooperate he still managed to bring home some banger clips.

"We had a lot of waves, but a lot of wind as well. We were not so lucky with the pointbreaks, but we scored some really fun waves at the beachbreaks," noted Toledo.

Points or sandbars, either way, Toledo's looking primed for whatever the ocean throws his way.

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