- WSL / Ethan Smith
- WSL / Ethan Smith

Ian Crane's got it made in San Clemente. He's living the quintessential life of a 25-year-old pro surfer -- making the routine morning surf check at T-Street, tweaking his board designs, and making art in his garage. In the latest episode of 'Team O'Neill', we get a peek into what a pre-social distancing day in the life looks like for Crane-O.

Ian wouldn't tell you this himself, but he's such a good surfer that his shaper, Matt Biolos, calls him, "the best free surfer in America."

"You can put him on anything and he's going to adapt his surfing to match the board," Biolos says. "As far as marketing surfboard design, and a test-pilot for alternative equipment, he's right up there with the best I've ever worked with."

Known primarily for his unmatched air game, Crane won the Red Bull Airborne France last year in raw, chunky Atlantic conditions. He also became the first non-CT surfer to win a Red Bull Airborne event - proof that he really is one of the best free-surfers in the world right now.

Ian Crane Charges Hossegor, Wins Red Bull Airborne France
In heavy conditions at La Gravière, the Californian becomes the first non-Championship Tour surfer to win the Red Bull Airborne.
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