- WSL / Tony Heff
- WSL / Tony Heff

By now, most CT surfers have found their flow when it comes to training and staying sharp during the extended time at home. From DIY repairs, to gardening, to music, here's what some of the American crew have been up to, and how you can get inspired to spice up your routine.

A couple weeks ago we saw Courtney painting her house and practicing some of her awesome tennis skills. Now it looks like she's getting a garden started. We're all about it, Courtney.

Talk about home gardening - Conner's set the bar pretty high here. He's also keeping busy by trying some new recipes in the kitchen and playing a ton of guitar.

Seth Moniz is taking home renovation into his own hands and is doing the demolition himself. His mom's reaction is priceless.

We know Carissa's been building a garden with her sister, Cayla. She's also been catching up on some scrap booking and working out at home. But what about when April Fools Day rolled around? The 4x World Champ went full prankster mode this year.

And as always, we just have to know what Kelly's doing. The GOAT's been putting out a ton of old tunes, inviting you to jam along with him. Maybe he'll even put out a quarantine album. What do you think?

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