Story by The Inertia.

Clay Marzo surfs like no one else. That's partially because he's more talented than 99.9 percent of the surfing world, but it's also partially because he just looks at surfing through a different lens.

He makes the impossible possible, and it's very likely that Clay Marzo simply surfs more than anyone else. He spends hours upon hours in the water, and it shows.

You know, of course, the works of Taylor Steele. He's the man behind Momentum, Campaign, Sipping Jetstreams, The Drifter, Innersection, and a surprising number of other enormously influential surf films. He has a simple formula: take the best surfers on earth and film them surfing.

In 2007, he released Stranger Than Fiction, and Clay's part was nothing short of mind-blowing.

Check out the Stranger Than Fiction By Taylor Steele.

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