- WSL / Keoki Saguibo
- WSL / Keoki Saguibo

Original Story by The Inertia.

Yes. The answer is yes, the North Shore is apparently enjoying double overhead Pipe just over a month away from Memorial Day, 2020.

That's not unprecedented, but it's certainly not the norm either. Then again, the human race abandoned any expectations of normalcy in 2019.

Jamie O'Brien started out this particular day making the most of Hawaii's stay-at-home mandate, spring cleaning in the garage, getting rid of some boards, finding new storage space for his giant toys like a rigged-out golf cart and jet ski, and then a goofy little tarp surfing session.

Plot twist: the wave in O'Brien's literal backyard - the most famous one on the planet - was all-time by the end of the day.

Now, while many places have outright prohibited surfing, the activity isn't banned in Hawaii. Parking at beaches is mostly blocked off and hanging out on the sand is forbidden, but if you can walk to a spot and get right in the water, the Aloha state is letting its people get barreled.

Coincidentally, the North Shore is also a fairly confined area where most recognizable faces in lineups like Pipe live within walking distance, to begin with. This means folks like O'Brien, John John Florence, and a cadre of Pipe and Backdoor specialists were treated to winter-like waves on the North Shore with a summer headcount in the water.

So here's one good thing that just happened in 2020.

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