- WSL / Morgan Maassen
- WSL / Morgan Maassen

La'akeakaihonolua Blomfield rode her first waves on a surfboard when she was only two years old. Raised on the beach at Haleiwa and in the surrounding hills, her surfing and comfort in the sea embodies her Hawaiian heritage.

"There's no place like home," she confirms.

Born into the surfing tradition on the North Shore, her grandfather was among the first to pioneer Pipeline. Both her parents surfed. And by the time Honolua was 18 years old, she had won her first Longboard World Title. A few short years later, at 21, she won her second Title.

Honolua Blomfield Honolua Blomfield with her feet firmly planted on her native ground. - WSL / Morgan Maassen

"I'd say my goals as a competitive surfer is always the World Title and always to get better," Honolua says.

She's recently been working on a film and photography project with esteemed lensman Morgan Maassen. With his artistic eye for composition, color and context, he's documented Honolua in her natural environs.

"She exudes an honest simplicity in her approach to surfing, which serves as a refreshing breakaway that competing for a world title both fosters in and demands of people," Morgan explains.

Honolua Blomfield Honolua Blomfield - WSL / Morgan Maassen

There's a purity to Honolua's surfing. There's no pretense, just natural style and flow that appears gracefully effortless.

"A surf session with Honolua is spent smiling and laughing, trading gossip and watching her share waves generously with everyone," continues Morgan. "Coupled with background Hawaiian surfing history spanning generations, her kindness and graceful presence makes her a true ambassador of Aloha."

Honolua Blomfield Honolua Blomfield - WSL / Morgan Maassen
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