- WSL / Ed Sloane
- WSL / Ed Sloane

Eleven-time World Champ Kelly Slater has been keeping a pretty low profile during these coronavirus times, but he appeared yesterday charging maxed out surf at Avalon near Sydney. With a solid swell flexing along Australia's eastern coast and sets topping 10 feet, Slater, who's been posted up in Australia, put himself -- and his equipment -- to the test.

"Broke two boards today," Slater told Australia's Nine News. "Took a few beatings, had to pay my dues.

"It's been a while since I surfed here," he continued. "It was all fun, we had a fun crew of guys out there."

Judging by the webcam footage posted by surf forecasting service Coastal Watch, Slater did have some moments. Fading bottom turns, swooping wraps, some time behind the curtain, it was classic Slater in some seriously grunty right-handers.

News footage from the session shows Slater making his way into the beach with half of a broken board, while the nose was swept into a nearby saltwater pool. Slater reportedly gave the broken board to a couple of groms on the beach before grabbing a freshie and paddling back out -- only to snap that one as well.

After the session Slater spent more times with the fans that amassed on the beach to watch the greatest competitive surfer of all time work over their local break.

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