When everyone else is mind surfing, Mason Ho has made a career of paddling out. Capable of making the weirdest wedges and shallowest reefs appear fun and inviting, his new edit "Mini Surfboard On The Reef" showcases his unique talents perfectly.

Along with longtime friend Sheldon Paishon, Ho has a dig at a "very scary wave that breaks directly on jagged reef."

Beautiful, blue and tropical, this running right-hander sprints down a shallow ledge before gurgling over dry reef on the inside. The fact that the boys are able to maintain their focus on the drop and then remain dedicated to their line as they thread through the barrel is a testament to their respective abilities. But Mason, being Mason, takes things to an absurd level when he has a go at it on his 4'9".

The board is small, even by Mase's unorthodox standards. And while he does eventually click into a few on it, he does pay a steep price. Eventually shifting up to a 5'10", he proves the old adage correct, "Foam is your friend."

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