Carissa Moore is one of the most successful surfers of all time, so when she gives tips on how to manage nerves, it's probably tried and tested advice. The four-time World Champion is slated to represent the United States at the Olympic Games, and she shared this message with USA Surfing.

"I always experience competition day nerves," she says. This is an important revelation -- the nerves are to be expected, and what sets true champions like Carissa apart is the ability to master her own emotions and achieve a focus that puts her in that winning frame of mind.

"With surfing ... I don't think you can ever master the ocean, so I'm always learning, I'm always growing and I'm also really inspired by my peers, they're constantly pushing me to be better and evolve and progress. Otherwise, I will get left behind."

Hopefully we see Carissa back in a jersey -- and competing for gold in Tokyo -- as soon as possible.

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