- WSL / Thomas Bennett
- WSL / Thomas Bennett

Ethan Ewing re-qualified for the Championship Tour, and there were plenty of pundits predicting a big year for the Australian in 2020. While competition may have been placed on hold, it's easy to see why there is such a buzz around Ewing, whose powerful, smooth style has been compared to that of the late, great Andy Irons.

Watch Ewing surf on his backhand, and then imagine him at big G-Land, or smacking all hell out of punchy and hollow French break breaks. And that's without even mentioning the equally-stylish forehand, complete with those lofty full-rotation airs...

It's clear Ewing used the time away from the Championship Tour to really work on his surfing, and once the world's best are back in a competition jersey, there's bound to be a lot of well-justified hype around the talented Australian.

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