Like so many people around the world, Nic von Rupp's plans were put on hold by the Covid19 pandemic. But he broke a two-month dry spell in style, as you can see in the latest episode of his web series, Von Froth.

It's safe to say that after so long out of the water, Nic, like most surfers, would have happily settled for some onshore dribble, so to get an session like this is a nice way to wet the gills. And it's not just the waves themselves which Nic and surfers everywhere have been missing -- the banter in the carpark replete with good-natured ribbing, and time spent with friends (in NIc's case, painting boards) is just as a important as the waves themselves.

The silver lining of the health crisis facing the globe -- which shut down entire economies and communities -- is that these "little things" are unlikely to be taken for granted any time soon.

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