For about $2,500 a night you can rent Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms Estate in Palm Springs, California. Built in 1947, it even has a pool.

Or, if you're friends with Cheyne Magnusson or Kalani Robb, you may be able to score an invite to the Palm Springs Surf Club for considerably less. Connected to all the right people, the Snapt crew has been more than dipping their toes in the water in the California desert lately.

Ian Crane, Eithan Osborne and Parker Coffin recently spent some time in the pool and had an absolute ball. The sessions have been part progessive experimentation, part pool party, Osborne's acid drops has been making the rounds on social media for all the right reasons since Snapt's YouTube edit dropped four days ago. And Crane-O's surfing is positively made for the man-made environment.

Most recently, Filipe Toledo got in on the fun in the sun. Hunkered down at home in San Clemente, he took a drive out to Palm Springs and made a tubular connection with GoPro wizard Robbie Crawford.

It's summertime in California, and with COVID-related restrictions starting to ease around the state, everyone's been having a hell of a time at these pool parties. Frank Sinatra would have been stoked.

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