An outer reef on his Padillac. Backdoor on a step-up. Or how about a little spelunking on a 4'10" foil board? However you like your Nathan Florence, he just served up his 12 favorite GoPro clips from last winter. None of them disappoint.

It's one thing to go out and ride some of these ways, it's another to cinematically compose a POV shot and document the action that doesn't make the viewer seasick. Florence ticks both boxes with a smile on his face.

In the below video he breaks down his 12 favorite clips in no particular order. He cops to the first clip, a massive emerald cavern on his backside, as being his favorite. Asking his followers to share their favorite ride, as of the writing of this he had over 100 responses. To be honest, we like them all, but Florence is right, that outer reef barrel he kicks things off with is something special.

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