When the conditions are right, surfing past sunset can produce some of the most memorable sessions of your life. It's already special to do it at your local break under a full moon, or surrounded by the the bioluminescent glow of red tide. But it's a whole different experience when you have glowing boards, powerful floodlights, and a film crew to capture it all.

Filmmaker Aaron Lieber just released 'IN THE NIGHT', a bonus scene from the documentary, 'Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable'. Inspired by the night surf scene in the film 'Soul Surfer', It features Bethany and Lakey Peterson surfing Pasta Point, one of the best waves in the Maldives.

"There is just something magical about the idea of riding waves in the dark that make you feel like a kid again and although night surfing has many challenges the end result is both cinematic and inspiring," Lieber writes.

Despite being equipped with the best gear at a world-class point, filming nighttime sessions are never an easy task for the crew or the surfer. But we can assure you that the end result is beautiful and it just might inspire you to surf just a little later next time.

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