For the surfer with access to any kind of craft, Maui is a wonderland of surfscapes. It's perfectly suited for a man with Kai Lenny's talent and attention span. He can surf, windsurf, foil and everything else all in one day.

More than the famous big-name spots are all of the nooks and crannies that keep the locals entertained on the daily, including Lenny. There's a lot of wind on Maui, which makes for freaky little wedges. If one knows when and where to look, which isn't easy and the regulars don't give up their secrets, good times abound.

Taking things to an absurd next level, Lenny just stimulated his senses by scaling down a steep cliff to ride what he's calling the "biggest backwash wave" he's ever ridden. Because that's just what he does.

"That's a real workout," Lenny marveled post-session. "So many duck dives. So much rash. So much out of control flipping."

A session like that would be enough for most mortal surfers, but Lenny's a freak. Later in the day he dusted off his SUP and literally paddled off into the sunset.

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