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Surfing depends on healthy oceans. There's no other way to put it. Without clean water, thriving reefs and beaches and a pristine natural environment, the stoke just isn't the same. And that's why on June 20 wave-riders from around the world get together to celebrate International Surfing Day.

One of the biggest advocates for our oceans, every day the Surfrider Foundation and its network of volunteer activists work to protect our coasts. From water testing, to beach cleanups, to fighting legal battles in the U.S. Supreme Court, they're on the front lines fall year, and International Surfing Day is our chance to come together to celebrate the waves and beaches that we all love, as well as what it takes to keep them clean and healthy.

Churches We all need to do our bit to ensure we can continue to enjoy your favourite lineups - WSL

Even with COVID-19 social distancing restrictions in place across the globe the opportunity come together as one is still possible. While there won't be any large-scale ISD events this lap around the sun, there are still plenty of ways you can get involved. Here's how you can share the stoke:

Beach cleanups

If you're unable to gather at the beach, you may be able to head down there yourself for a solo cleanup effort, or invite your family along with you for a meaningful day together. Surfrider is asking you to show them your haul of trash which otherwise would have been allowed to continue polluting the ocean. Post your photos using the hashtag #ISD2020 ... and don't forget to tag @Surfrider.

Activists gather at Keramas for a beach cleanup © Sloane Beach cleanups are a great way to celebrate International Surfing Day. And going forward, try to make it a routine to pick up five pieces of trash everytime - WSL / Ed Sloane

Tarp Surfing

If you find yourself landlocked and heading to the ocean is not an option, Surfrider is suggesting that you grab a tarp, your skateboard and a friend and get shacked on land. After all, a tarp barrel is better than no barrel at all.

Get Creative on Social Media

The Surfrider crew note that there are lots of fun social media challenges out there like the #HomeBreakChallenge on Instagram where you can show off your creativity at home.

Use the hashtag #InternationalSurfingDay and tag @Surfrider on your social posts. They will be highlighting your stay-at-home posts on International Surfing Day on Surfrider's social channels.


You can also make a contribution to the valuable work that Surfrider does by donating here.

ISD Surfrider Share the stoke on International Surfing Day. - WSL
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