It was only a few weeks ago that surfers in Tahiti came out of a lockdown to surf firing Teahupoo, and now the wave at the end of the road has lit up for another run.

Teahupoo was at its most compelling -- on the very limits of what would generally be considered paddle-able.

Case in point: Kauli Vaast bagged what he's calling the biggest paddle wave of his life. While that might not mean a whole lot from most eighteen-year-old surfers, Teahupoo is his home break and he's grown up getting tubed out there.

Another surfer with a barrel-riding ability well beyond his years is Eimeo Czermak, who scored this brute of a wave.

But it wasn't just the young guns getting it done. Championship Tour veteran Jeremy Flores was reminding everyone why he's one of the most dangerous competitors in big, hollow waves.

And, not to be outdone, fellow vet Michel Bourez bagged an all-time party wave with Enrique Ariitu.

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