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Every once in awhile in the endless scroll of Instagram there's an image that stops you in your tracks. Enter Mason Ho's recent Christ Air at the BSR Surf Resort in Texas.

Shot by surf/skate photographer Rob Henson, who documents a lot of the sessions at the famed Lone Star wave pool, Mase was on location shooting for his part in the upcoming surf film "Snapt 4."

The Christ Air is a maneuver that he's been trying to land going back to the first Stab High event back in 2018, and he's apparently pulled off the feat. Video of the maneuver is still under wraps, but the photo gives you a pretty good idea of how huge Mase is going right now.

San Diego's Jacob Szekely pulled a similar maneuver at BSR a couple of weeks ago, but clear footage of his accomplishment has not been released yet.

In skateboard parlance, a true Christ Air, invited by Christian Hosoi, is where the skater (or surfer in this case) takes to the air, takes the board in one and and then spreads their arms and straightens their legs to strike a pose akin to Jesus on the cross.

The pool in Waco has been going off lately with a steady crew of A-grade surfers braving the Texas summer sun to score some dependable ramps. Jett Schilling, Kevin Schulz and a gnarly crew from San Clemente recently made the trip. And then there was the Snapt surfers, who flew out to gather footage for their parts in the film. Despite all the aerial antics, there's something special about Mason's Christ Air.

It's never easy to 100 percent verify these things -- hell, Christian Fletcher could have been pulling Christ Airs in his sleep back in the summer of '88 -- but it doesn't appear that anybody's ever lofted and landed a true Christ Air like this before. Please, give credit where credit is due in the comments below if there's an earlier iteration we can celebrate.

Otherwise, congrats Mase! The dedication to the timeless air has clearly paid off. And congrats to Rob Henson for absolutely nailing the shot. Going big and having a good ol' time, it's exactly what summertime surfing is all about.

Mason Ho of Hawaii advances to round 4 after finishing second in round 3 heat 14 at the WSL 2019 Volcom Pipe Pro at Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii, USA Mason Ho full of stoke after advancing to Round 4 at the 2019 Volcom Pipe Pro. - WSL / Tony Heff
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