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Caroline Marks just graduated from high school, and it's a reminder of just how much is in store for this phenomenon from Melbourne Beach, Florida.

The fact that Marks is as good as she is despite having juggling school with the Championship Tour should send a few shudders down the spines of her competitors. Imagine what she's going to do when the CT resumes and she's focusing all her energy on chasing a World Title?

Marks is the youngest surfer ever to qualify for the women's Championship Tour, has qualified to represent the USA at the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games and just last year was in the title race, right to the very last event at Honolua Bay, Maui.

Marks Unveils Full Teahupo'o Edit To Show She Can Surf Anything
Sound Waves with your 2019 World Champion, Igarashi's maiden victory in Bali, Caroline Marks charges Chopes, and HBD Filipe Toledo.

During that year she won not one, but two CT events, on the Gold Coast and in Portugal and finished as the second-highest ranked female surfer in the world. Let's not forget she also found some time to charge one of the heaviest waves on the planet, Teahupoo.

All this before she had graduated from High School! And if her surfing from Lowers over the past few days is anything to go by, she's only just getting started...

Marks, Toledo Lead Charge At Lower Trestles
Heading into the 4th of July holiday weekend, Caroline Marks, Filipe Toledo and an all-star cast have been ripping the best south swell of the season.
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