- WSL / Kelly Cestari

Michel Bourez is safe and sound after a close encounter with a shark while riding his foil board at home in Tahiti.

The world number 13 took to Instagram to detail the interaction, which saw him forced to put the foil between him and the shark while he waited from some assistance from a nearby boat.

Bourez had been in the middle of a down-wind run offshore, between the island of Mo'orea, and Māhina, on the larger island of Tahiti. The shark actually attacked, and broke, the foil -- leaving him stranded.

"I put my foil between him and I, and I succeeded, I survived," Bourez said.

The shark in question was described by Michel as a three-to-four meter hammerhead, but after the incident -- which involved several minutes in the water with only his broken foil for protection -- Bourez was sanguine about the ordeal.

"We play in their playground," he said, adding that he understood the risks involved when entering the ocean, but that the shark owes him a new foil!

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