Here's another edit to remind us just how awe-inspiring big Teahupoo is. While there are slabs being ridden all across the globe, the left at the end of the road remains the gold standard, and Tikanui Smith is as well acquainted as just about anyone.

He's just dropped the below clip, filmed and edited by Tim Pruvost, which is also a reminder that Tahiti -- once surfing was re-allowed -- is probably one of the best places for a surfer with a penchant for scarier-than-average waves to ride out the pandemic.

While he's certainly been making himself known with exploits such as the waves he'd riding in this edit, Smith is considered one of the most underrated surfers out at Teahupoo, with a reputation for paddling this daunting wave when most surfers would be saddling up the jetskis and reaching for the tow rope (or, more likely perhaps, enjoying the spectacle from the channel).

Smith has shown that he's among the best big wave riders in the world, proof of which can also be seen in his 2020 WSL Big Wave Awards RIde of the Year entry:

2020 Ride of the Year Entry: Tikanui Smith at Teahupo'o
2020 Ride of the Year Entry: Tikanui Smith at Teahupo'o, Tahiti on August 17, 2019. Video by Bruno Baroni.

The finalists for this year's Big Wave Awards will be announced soon, so head here for all the information.

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