Two lucky surfers recently scored Bank Vaults in the The Mentawai Islands, arguably one of Indonesia's (and therefor, the world's) best right-hand reef breaks.

Even if you haven't heard of it by name, you've probably seen it -- this ultra-consistent wave off the southern tip of Masokut Island has featured in many a surf film.

Normally, as one of the better-known waves in the Ments, it would be quite crowded. But as surfing has only be opened up to locals and expat residents of Indonesia, two lucky surfers had it all to themselves. This footage (care of Kandui Resort) may be raw but it certainly shows just how amazing this swell magnet of a wave is.

The surf resorts in the Ments reopened in late June, but with strict restrictions around Covid testing, and only for locals and expat foreigners already living within Indonesia. This means that some of the best (but often very crowded) waves in the world have been going mostly unridden.

With the local economy relying heavily on tourism, hopefully more surfers can return to this paradise soon.

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