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Championship Tour surfer Brisa Hennessy has been using her downtime during quarantine to focus on her passion for cooking, eating, and nutrition. While on Namotu, Hennessy launched her own YouTube Channel: Breezy Cooking by Brisa Hennessy for her fans to follow along on her food journey.

Cooking seems to run in her blood. Growing up in Costa Rica, her mother Katie Hennessy was a chef at one of the country's top ecolodges. And at a young age, Brisa fell in love with being in the kitchen and creating her own dishes.

Brisa's family began cooking and eating entirely plant-based during quarantine and it has changed their entire outlook on food. They have even started growing their own food on the island.

"During this crazy and uncertain time I have had the ability to pursue and focus on one of my biggest passions which is cooking, eating, being the biggest foodie ever," Brisa shares on her YouTube video. "Really learning about food and nutrition and how to properly fuel my body and the people I love."

In her latest YouTube episode, Hennessy shares her gluten free Gnocchi with a vegan pesto cream sauce recipe. It is one of her favorites and an easy dish to makes in under thirty minutes.

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