- WSL / Ryan Janssens

World Number Three Jordy Smith and his father, Graham, have launched a new surfboard brand.

Smith summed up the partnership on Instagram, saying that after riding thousands of boards from various shapers throughout his career, he found himself back on his dad's craft recently.

"Back to the source, back to the shaper I've had my most success with," said Jordy

Graham shaped boards for Jordy when he was a grom, so his boards have had an undeniable influence on his explosive, fluid surfing style. But Jordy has been known to jump between brands in recent years, spending time on Channel Islands, JS and other shapes.

"We took 40+ years of shaping and my 25 years of surfing and built what we believe are some of the best surfboards available to both the high performance and recreational surfer," Jordy says.

Graham is a very experienced shaper, especially well known around his home town of Durban,South Africa.

Given the principal that's guiding the design process, it's safe to say these craft will be hot property.

"My motto has always been, if you're going fast, you're having fun," Jordy says.

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