- WSL / Von Froth

They say time stands still in the barrel. To a degree that's true, but to be honest, the clock is always ticking. Just how long can you stuff yourself deep behind the current? It's something we all think and talk about as riders of the storm.

And as Bruce Brown so poetically said in "The Endless Summer," it is the ultimate thing to do in surfing.

"As a kid I always dreamt about getting barrelled for a minute," agrees Nic von Rupp.

Turning the dream into a reality, in the latest installment of Von Rupp's YouTube series "Von Froth," the Portugese charger follows his friends Aritz Aranburu and Naxto Gonzalez as they chase a swell down to Skeleton Bay in Namibia.

"There are very few places in the world where you get such long perfect wave....Namibia is the queen of all queens when it comes down to riding endless barrels, as a goofy I had to go there," Von Rupp explains.

And now, he's going to take you there...

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