An Australian start-up has reportedly pioneered a way to manufacture surfboards out of carbon fiber which are not too stiff and prone to de-lamination.

While carbon fiber is very strong and light, these setbacks have discouraged boardbuilders from using it.

According to New Atlas, this means that JUC Surf, a startup spun out of Australia's Deakin University, will be able to produce the world's first recycled carbon fiber surfboard. Given 45,000 tonnes of it is is reportedly thrown into landfill each year, this could be a huge win for the environment.

Carbon Board In the past, carbon fibre boards have been too stiff and prone to de-lamination - JUC Surf

Dr Filip Stojcevski -- an an aerospace engineer who is part of the JUC Surf team -- said people would enjoy using the boards as they perform like a regular one, with the added benefit that it keeps waste out of landfill.

Until now, carbon fiber surfboards have been too rigid and prone to delamination, due to micro-cracks in the carbon fiber interface," Stojcevski told New Atlas.

"We've used advanced electrochemistry to improve the properties of surface-modified hydrophobic carbon fibers and recycled fibers to solve the problem."

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