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On June 1st, 2020, professional surfer and skater Sky Brown posted a video of her falling through the gap between a half-pipe. After she fought for her life in the hospital, Sky responded, "It's okay to fall sometimes. I'm just going to get back up and push even harder."

And that's exactly what she's done at Waco. After only a two-month recovery, Sky just dropped this edit from a single day surfing the pool.

Video: 11-Year-Old Future Olympian Sky Brown Returns To Water After Serious Injury
After recovering from a life-threatening skateboarding injury, the young prodigy returns to Waco stronger than ever in this single-day edit. Video by: Andre Magarao.

Her surfing is so impressive to watch -- it's stylish, smooth, and powerful. In this full-day session, she throws a mix of frontside and backside airs, lays into some perfectly-timed turns, and finds the barrel for good measure. The most impressive, though, is how quickly she recovered from such a major injury.

Sky remains the youngest skateboarder ever to appear in the Vans US Open, at only 8-years-old, in 2016. And next year she could become the youngest athlete to skate at the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympic Games. Candidates to skate in the Olympics have not yet been chosen, but Sky is part of Skateboard GB's Aspiration Fund which helps athletes meet qualification.

Sky is one of those athletes we know we'll be hearing a lot more of. Whether it's in skating, surfing, or both, she's going to go far. When the BBC asked about who coaches her, she replied, "I just learn tricks off YouTube."

To keep up with her surfing, dancing, and Olympic training for skateboarding, follow her Instagram and YouTube channel.

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