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The unique format of the The Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Rumble At The Ranch meant competitors needed to perform under intense pressure. Here are six of the best rides from the event -- the first on the WSL Countdown Series calendar.

Filipe Toledo, Final

Toledo Unleashes A 9.67 For The Highest Wave Score Of The Event
Toledo throws everything he has into his final right-hander, taking the win for his team at the first event of the WSL Countdown.

Tatiana Weston-Webb, Quarterfinals

Weston-Webb Earns A 7.93 With One Of The Deepest Barrels At The Ranch
Tatiana Weston-Webb brought her forehand attack to the Surf Ranch and rode one of the deepest barrels of the Rumble at the Ranch.

Kanoa Igarashi, Semifinals

Igarashi Drops A 9.00 To Bring His Team Into The Finals
Kanoa Igarashi commits to two massive airs, dropping the first 9-point ride of the Rumble at the Ranch.

Caroline Marks, Quarterfinals

Marks Starts Strong With A Backhand 7.77 In The Quarterfinals
Caroline Marks' 7.77 from the Quarterfinal of the Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Rumble At The Ranch

Filipe Toledo, Semifinals

Toledo Calm Under Pressure To Lock In An 8.93 On His Backhand
Filipe Toledo came back from a fall on his Right to lock in one of the waves of the event, an incredible 8.93 on his backhand.

Lakey Peterson, Quarterfinals

Peterson's Quarterfinal 7.90 On The Right
Lakey Peterson banked a 7.90 on the right during her Quarterfinal heat during the Rumble at the Ranch,
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