- WSL / Ed Sloane

With the 2020 Championship Tour on hold, Lakey Peterson spent several months of quarantine in Australia and it was well worth it. Peterson just dropped a new edit last Thursday. Shot and edited by Australian videographer Zac Loveless, in the opening shot you can hear her waxing up her board, anticipating the perfect right point lines of Bells.

After a long and intense 2019 CT season, the Title contender finished third in the world on the Jeep Leader Board rankings. Although the 2020 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach event was canceled and set to run April 8-18, Peterson was still able to score an epic swell at the infamous Victoria righthander.

"Really enjoyed the run of waves we had the last couple months in Australia. Thought I'd put together a little edit from a few of the days we had. Aus will always have a very special spot in my heart," Peterson shared on Instagram.

With her surfing looking better than ever, Lakey's clearly been making good use of all her time the last few months.

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