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San Clemente's Ian Crane is one of the world's most talented free surfers. He's also a fan of having a good time.

"There are four 7-11s in San Clemente, somehow I always end up at one of them," Crane jokes.

And while his bestie Kolohe Andino has busied himself chasing World Titles and Olympic qualification, Crane's taken a more creative approach to his surf career. Ten months ago, he launched a brand with friend and business partner Gabe Garcia. They called Beach Head.

"We are trying to turn it into a real company. Not like a clothing company, but just some thing weird that does beach kit stuff…umbrellas, coolers, that kind of stuff so you can have a killer beach setup," Crane explains. "Even if it fails and I waste my money making stuff, at least I'll have gotten an education on how to do something other than surf."

Crane and his cohorts have just launched a new 19-minute film entitled "Cabeza De Playa." Filmed down in at the pointbreaks of Mainland Mexico, it stars "inspirational superstars" Crane, as well as buddies Griffin Colapinto, Nat Young, Michael Dunphy, Anthony Ruffo and Brandon Guilmette. The waves were firing, the water was tropical, and of course, a good time was had by all.

This may be the closest you get to a surf trip for awhile, so kick off the sandals, put the feet up, grab a cold drink and enjoy.

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