- WSL / Kelly Cestari

During the summer of 2011 a skinny, nervous, relatively unknown kid from Brazil entered the U.S. Open Pro Junior and absolutely decimated the competition. A star was born.

It was the first time that the world took notice of the incredible talent that is Filipe Toledo, and the scary thing is that nearly a decade after that fortuitous victory in the shadow of the Huntington Beach Pier, he continues to just get better and better. In his new aptly titled film, "Never Meant For Stillness," his wide array of abilities are on full display.

Toledo's been described a number of ways. He's been called the "best small-wave surfer in the world." He's been called "the fastest surfer on the planet." But neither of those monickers do him justice. From dizzying beachbreak punts, to redefining how J-Bay can be approached, to finding his groove at the End Of The Road, in "Never Meant For Stillness" Toledo illustrates exactly how well rounded he is and why he's finished fourth or better in the world four out of the last six years.

An artful, cinematic piece built around footage compiled over the last couple years, the film features his aerial abilities in abundance, but more than just a free surf highlight reel, it celebrates his jaw-dropping performance at J-Bay in 2017, which forced surf punditry to seriously reconsider what constitutes perfect surfing at one of the world's best pointbreak. It also showcases the progress Toledo's made at Teahupoo after dedicating himself to the infamous Tahitian reef. Originally sited as a weak point in his game, his newfound comfort level at Chopes is a direct result of how much time he's spent there recently.

Coming off of a win at the Rumble At The Ranch last month, this latest drop is another reminder of how good Toledo really is in just about any and all conditions.

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