- WSL / Tony Heff

Free-surf footage of the two-time World Champion Gabriel Medina is rare. But when we're treated to a snippet, it's a reminder that he's pound-for-pound one of the most exciting surfers, ever.

He's a competitive phenomenon who could easily give away the jersey and instantly become one of the most progressive free-surfers on the plant.

Given how much he loves to win, that's highly unlikely. But the fact remains, there's few, if any, other surfers with such a well-rounded ability with every facet of riding a performance shortboard.

AIrs, barrels and putting it on rail -- Medina is one of the best in the world at all of them, and he can lay down top shelf examples of each of the afformentioned categories on single wave, any day of the week.

So enjoy this one-minute reminder of just how hard Medina rips.

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