During his reign, Andy Irons was considered the "people's champ" because of his ability to connect with the common surfer no matter where he went around the world.

Last year, when Italo Ferreira won his Title, I wrote that he was the new people's champ. He was the guy that got the fans on their feet, smiling and cheering. He was the guy that when he won and event, everybody won. He was the guy that allowed surf fans to come along and join him on his incredible journey.

The son of a fisherman who learned to surf on the lid of a styrofoam cooler, Italo, like Andy, overcame immense odds to reach the pinnacle of professional surfing. And now, in his latest edit from the Maldives, Italo is paying tribute to the fallen three-time World Champ.

"We decided to re-make one of my favorite Andy Irons' videos," explains Italo of the new video drop. "The movie is called CAMPAIGN, I watch it everyday before my sessions. In Andy's part, we tried to edit it with the same music and same maneuvers but I'm goofy footer."

"I'm not trying to compare my self to him, NEVER, he is my inspiration to get better and better," Italo continues. "I hope you guys like it and also get as inspired as I did. Thanks to all of Andy's family for letting me do it."

Mission accomplished, Italo. The edit, the reckless approach, the extra effort in every turn, the passion, it's all there and Andy would be stoked to see it all.

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