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As a cadre of the world's best surfers get ready to pull on the jersey for the first time in months, the forecast for the Tweed Coast Pro is coming together quite nicely.

Set to run this Sunday and Monday (local time) at Cabarita Beach on the Tweed Coast, there appears to be plenty of breachbreak juice on tap of the first of three Australian Grand Slam events.

Thanks to a ESE trade swell setting up for Sunday, the first day of the competition, we should see wave heights in the head-high range with some overhead sets. As far as conditions go, it looks like the day starts with light winds before the sea breeze builds later into the afternoon.

Tweed Coast Pro Confirmed As Third Stop For Upcoming Australian Grand Slam
Ride of the Year Awards coming up, Tweed Coast Pro will be the third stop of the Australian Grand Slam, and a peek at Dane's quiver.

On Monday, day two of the comp, should see an overall improvement in waves and conditions. The surf is expected to hang in the three to four-foot range but may be a touch cleaner thanks to a more easterly angle in the swell direction. The wind it also more cooperative with offshore winds expected in the morning before transitioning to a more variable sea breeze later in the day.

One of the gems of the Tweed Coast, Cabarita offers reliable banks that can deliver some very good waves when the conditions align. Expect to see punchy, quintessential Australian beachbreak waves that should allow the surfers to really showcase their versatility and creativity. Keep an eye on the surfers that have a little local knowledge, it could come in handy in the shifting peaks.

There are two World Champs in the draw, as well as the entire Australian Olympic team, a hearty crew of CT vets and some frothing rookies. All of them will be bringing a lot of pent up passion to the Tweed Coast, and with some quality surf on the horizon, it's going to be epic to get back to the business of running heats and crowning winners.

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