WSL PURE Ambassador Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson Co-leading the March for Science. Credit: Kisha Bari WSL PURE Ambassador Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson Co-leading the March for Science. Credit: Kisha Bari - WSL / Kisha Bari

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson does not sugarcoat the truth about our environment. When speaking of the climate crisis, she is blunt about the role of "hope" and the reality of our situation. But that doesn't mean she thinks climate catastrophe is a foregone conclusion. In fact, quite the opposite, and that's why she works so hard, across so many different mediums to drive the collective narrative toward solutions.

Her latest efforts in particular, have at least a few common themes:

Firstly, Ayana is focused on solutions, particularly climate solutions that involve the ocean. While yes, it's important that we are crystal clear about what's not working, we also need to point out how we fix these systemic issues. That's why we love her podcast, "How to Save A Planet," and their efforts to highlight solutions.

Hear from Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson in the TED Talk "A love story for the coral reef crisis"

Next, as she said in her TED Talk linked above, "Building community around solutions is the most important thing." Building community strengthens our individual and collective resilience, and reorients culture towards a better future.

Finally, her community is led by women. Last month, alongside Dr. Katherine Wilkinson, and more than forty other incredible women, Ayana published All We Can Save, an anthology of "provocative and illuminating essays from women at the forefront of the climate movement who are harnessing truth, courage, and solutions to lead humanity forward."

And, even with all this work, she's still having fun and makes time to connect to nature (see below)! Thanks Ayana for all you do, and for being a shining example for so many in the movement towards a healthier ocean and a healthy future.

To stay connected, follow Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson on Instagram and Twitter.

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