- WSL / Damien Poullenot

How many professional surfers get styled out by luxury fashion brands when they're passing through Rome?

Leonardo Fioravanti is among an exclusive clique of athletes getting that sort of star treatment, and his latest drop on YouTube gives us an inside look into his fabulous life.

While in Rome, Fioravanti tries on everything from jewelry to glasses to rings at the Gucci store and leaves with his hands full of merchandise.

With the Tour scheduled to start in Hawaii during the month of December, surely the Gucci ambassador is in the running to be the best-dressed man on tour?

Leonardo Fioravanti Gucci Leonardo Fioravanti at the Gucci Fashion show. - WSL / @LFIORAVANTI

Leonardo and friends also head to Banzai Beach, Santa Marinella where he started surfing. The high-energy edit and song showcase his tour-ready surfing in the head-high Italian waves.

And needless to say, he makes it look easy despite the rushing winds over the Mediterranean. If this is a preview of what we will see in December, then it looks like Fioravanti will be coming into the 2021 Championship Tour with more style than ever before.

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