- WSL / Andrew Shield

A jetski is one of the must-have pro surfer accessories, especially if you live anywhere near South Stradbroke Island.

One of Australia's best beachbreaks was biggest star of the recent Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast, but it was also a conversation starter for the most vexed question, when it comes to surfing Straddie -- how are you going to get there?

South Stradbroke Island is separated from the mainland by a few hundred meters of water and the purists would argue that you should paddle, dodging watercraft and wildlife along the way.

But if you want to travel in style, a jetski can get you onto the beach at Straddie in a matter of minutes -- sparking envy in the eyes of everyone who got there the hard way. Not that driving a ski in big surf is a piece of cake -- beaching it when Straddie is going off isn't for the faint of heart.

The latest edition of Red Bull's No Contest series, filmed around The Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast, has a heavy focus on the various ways the pros are accessing the island -- jetski, boat or just a good old paddle. And this is especially relevant, given how much of a magnet South Stradbroke became with international surf travel off the table.

So for an inside look at who has the hottest ski, check out the clip.

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