What has John John Florence been up to these days? Well other than island hopping to Maui, the two-time World Champion has kept himself busy right at home on the North Shore of Oahu. His latest edit, "26 waves from home," showcases the next level surfing we hope to see when he returns to the Championship Tour. Throw in a little Social Distortion soundtrack and it looks like John's ready to get in the pit.

The track used in the new release, "Reach for the Sky," was "inspired by Bob Hurley and edits we watched growing up," John explained on Insta.

Bob, who's been hanging on the North Shore lately, is a longtime Social D fan and the track couldn't be more perfect given John's explosive turns and speedy fin releases. Not to mention, the Pyzel shape under his feet looks like magic.

The North Shore local has gotten plenty of practice time at home lately, where the Tour is set to start in December. If this is any indication of what we will see this coming winter, he looks like he is ready to bring his A-game to the 2021 season.

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