- Seghizzi Gabriele/ Red Bull Content Pool

Italy isn't you're typical surf destination, and Milan certainly isn't. But when you're the most famous surfer in the Old World, well, that's different. Leonardo Fioravanti just scored a session at the static wave pool at WakeParadise Milano ... and it's safe to say that if the Championship Tour kicked off tomorrow in the fashion capital of the world, Leo you be ready to go.

In his latest YouTube video, Leo explores Milan as well as tries out the WakeParadise Milano static wave for the very first time, alongside Italian surfer Roby D'amico. And proving that he's as much of a Jedi as Luke Skywalker, he even rips the thing blindfolded, which made for a good laugh.

Leonardo Fioravanti WakeParadise Leonardo Fioravanti at the WakeParadise static wave in Milan, Italy October of 2020. - SEGHIZZI GABRIELE/ RED BULL CONTENT POOL

And because he just can't get enough, in addition to shredding Milan's best surf spot, Leo hits the water with Massi Piffaretti, the top wakeboarder in Italy and two-time World Champion, to test out his wakeboarding skills.

Not tired yet? After a fun day at WakeParadise, Leo and crew head over to the Technogym headquarters in Cesena to test out their training facility. Watch as the Italian surfer builds up to squatting 286 pounds in order to observe the power exerted and peak velocity he uses when lifting. The experts at the facility came to the conclusion that he doesn't just have a solid air game, he's a full-on well rounded athlete. After watching this we can't disagree.

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