- WSL / Tony Heff

As the surf media landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years and technology has allowed pro surfers to reach their fans directly, more and more of our favorite stylists and chargers have taken control of their destiny on YouTube. Case in point, Griffin Colapinto's new drop, "A Day In San Clemente."

Pipeline savant Jamie O'Brien was the first to really capitalize on the platform. Others on the North Shore followed suit, and today guys like Nathan Florence, Koa Rothman and Eli Olson are all doing a brisk business on YouTube. Championship Tour stars Kanoa Igarashi and Leonardo Fioravanti have also recently gotten in on the action.

And now, it's San Clemente's turn. The hotbed of American surf talent, 2019 World Title contender and future Olympian Kolohe Andino kicked his channel off on November 1, and now, Griffin and brother, Crosby, are reinvigorating their channel, Cola Bros, with a new edit that features cameos from fellow townies Jett Schilling and Kade Matson.

"We are going for it! Trying out the @youtube life. This is our first video!" wrote Griff on Instagram.

One of the most explosive, and entertaining, brotherly duos on surfing today, give them a follow or leave a comment on their YouTube and convince them to keep the good times rolling. As they say, it's Internet gold.

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