Lakey Peterson has been on it recently, competing at the Rumble at the Ranch, practicing airs with Carissa Moore and Courtney Conlogue at Waco, and refining her back-hand barrel riding at Teahupoo. Now the women's World Number 3 and one of the most fit surfers on Tour takes us along as she goes through her CT training routine.

Last year, Lakey was in contention of a World Title until Stephanie Gilmore knocked her out of the quarterfinals at lululemon Maui Pro. In true warrior spirit, Lakey is not leaving anything to chance this year, putting in the work with grueling strength training.

She admits it's a delicate balance between being powerful and lean, which is the trick to being in perfect surf shape. Check out the surfing specific workouts she shows off at the 4:22 mark.

Lakey also explains that recovery is crucial to staying in top shape, as she takes us through her post workout recovery routines. Sporting fresh marks on her back from cupping treatment, Lakey hops in an ice bath which "flushes the byproducts out after a really tough workout, so for soreness and stiffness it's going to help reduce all inflammation". She then uses in an infrared sauna to warm her body back up, helping blood flow for faster recovery.

Between all these different training and recovery methods, Lakey is looking physically ready to start the Championship Tour season. And we know if the tour kicks off in Hawaii, the most fit surfers will be the ones shining the brightest.   

FRESNO, CA - AUGUST 9: Lakey Peterson of the United States surfing in the quarter-finals of the Michelob PURE Ultra Rumble at The Ranch at The Surf Ranch on August 9, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kenny Morris/World Surf League via Getty Imag Lakey Peterson slotted into the barrel section on the right at the Rumble at The Ranch. - WSL / Kenny Morris
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