- WSL / Kirstin Scholtz

California's Highway One is 656 miles long. Most of that ribbon of roadway runs right along the glorious Pacific Ocean.

For Griffin Colapinto and brother Crosby, they're regular haunt when they're home in San Clemente is between Salt Creek, the San Clemente Pier, T Street and the Trestles zone, a distance of maybe ten miles.

But the beautiful thing about Highway One is that in a few hours they can be in some colder water with some juicer waves. Santa Cruz is a 400-mile sprint up the coast and offers considerably different options and vibes than "down south." As you can see in their new edit, "Eureka," Griff and Croz rip whether they're at home or up north ("where a man can be free," as Sam George used to profess during his days as editor at Surfer Magazine).

In February, the Championship Tour will turn its attention to Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz. Griff's one of the few competitors who has spent time in the lineup there recently, besides his buddy Kolohe Andino.

If Griff gets hot this year and finishes in the Top 5 after Teahupo'o in August, the WSL Finals are coming to his backyard at Lowers. That's a whole lot of Golden State goodness for a guy that thrives in his local waters. Just peep the footage to see just how dangerous he could be.

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