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The 2021 season is set to start in just four days. And the Championship Tour women aren't messing around. Lakey Peterson, Carissa Moore, and Brisa Hennessy all shared their quiver preparations for the first event of the season at Honolua Bay, Maui on their Instagrams.

Having the right equipment for each venue on tour is a huge part of athlete preparation. And a dialed quiver may be the make or break factor in competition. With all of these women neck and neck, having the right board can be an utmost advantage.

Lakey Peterson

Lakey Peterson has been training hard for the start of the season. She spent most of her year off in Australia surfing uncrowded breaks and then made her way back to California to train with coach Mike Parsons and fellow CT surfer Caroline Marks.

Last year was a tense year for Lakey, despite strong consistent results she came up short for a World Title and USA Olympic qualification. Lakey recently shared a post to Instagram captioned with, " I've put in the hours and feeling super prepared for the Roxy Maui Pro in just over a week." With her Channel Islands quiver looking well rounded, we expect to see great things from Lakey out at Honolua Bay.

Carissa Moore

Carissa Moore quiver 2021 Carissa Moore quiver 2021 - Carissa Moore

"These three boards, 5'10" 5'11" and 6'0", are all based off of a magic 5'11" Matt Biolos recently made me" Carissa said in an interview. "I am excited to get them in the water and feel them out ahead of the competition this week. Looks like we could possibly have some great swell on offer for the waiting period." Carissa has been one of the toughest competitors at Honolua Bay and she knows what magic boards will light up under her feet.

Brisa Hennessy

Brisa Hennessy spent her year off quarantining at one of the top surf locations on the planet, Tavarua, Fiji. During her time off, she not only dialed her equipment but her nutrition and technique. Brisa has been riding Pang boards since she started as a Rookie in 2019. With 2021 being Brisa's second official year on Tour, her board are looking ready for competition against the world's best.

As the countdown to the start of the 2021 season narrows, the athletes continue to put the final touches on their play. Let the games begin.

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