- Hunter Jones

This article was originally published on The Inertia

Hunter Jones may be a WSL commentator, ex-competitive surfer, and recent Bachelorette contestant, but he's still just a South Bay shredder at heart. For the past couple of years he's been compiling clips from California, Texas, Hawaii and Central America and recently released them as STILL DREAMING.

"Inside I'm still the grom who's psyched on surfing, loves the ocean, loves editing, and wants to share it all with the world," he said. "I've always stayed true to my passions, goals, and aspirations and now in my mid-twenties, I'm seeing the fruits of my labor come to fruition. So I felt the title ‘STILL DREAMING‘ was an appropriate name for the film and a symbol of my headspace." Press play for 11 minutes of glassy waves and clean lines from Hunter Jones.

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