With the constant smile and pursuit of fun, Italo Ferreira kept us all stoked this year -- even when the times were getting kind of weird. Consistently dropping entertaining clips on Insta and YouTube, from variels and superman airs at home to charging Nazare, here are some of our favs from the Champ:

The "Rough Times" Edit

At the height of the uncertainty, when some countries were not even allowing people to surf, Italo dropped this "Rough Times." The combination of the mind-blowing above the lip maneuvers and the angsty music perfectly captured what we were going through at the time as a surf community.

An Ode To Andy Irons

When a modern surf savant such as Italo tells us where he gets his motivation and inspiration from you have to listen. Italo took Andy Irons' part from Campaign and remade it basically wave for wave with the same exact song. It's amazing to see the World Champ paying homage to the original peopel's champ.

Andy was truly head of this time with his unparalleled passion that manifested itself as a brutal, unrelenting vertical attack, and to see Italo take inspiration from Andy reminds us that Italo's potential is limitless. The combination of Italo's bag of tricks and Andy's lip attack is what the crystal ball shows for the future of surfing.

"I don't want to compare myself to him, ever. Andy is my inspiration to surf better every day," wrote Italo.

Italo Takes Us On A Tour Of His Home

Jamie O'Brien showed up in Brazil and got a tour of the Ferreira compound, a ride-along in his 4x4, and together they scored some waves at his local surf spot. When make their money and enjoy some success they leave their hometown and head for the hills, not Italo. He is loving life where he was born and raised. And check out how sick the champ's 4x4 is at the 12-minute mark.

Living The Life On The North Shore Edit

Of the three Hawaii edits Italo has dropped, this one's solid gold. This edit is packed full of action, featuring everything from bodyboarding to big-wave surfing. The only thing it's missing is what kind of plate lunch Italo orders.

"That Hawaiian lifestyle eat, surf, chill with the guys and surf again," Italo says of this daily grind on the famed stretch of the Hawaiian coast.  

The champ gets advice on boards and bottom turns from the legend Shane Dorian at 3:50 into the edit. We also get a glimpse of Italo charging Waimea on a solid day. And he even gets some reps in surfing the second stop on Tour, Sunset Beach.

All The Best Of Italo in a Jersey

We at the WSL gathered all of Italo's best scoring waves in competition and through some banger tracks on it and showed in how gnarly Italo is in a jersey. It's truly remarkable that Italo won the 2019 World Title surfing his way ... ridiculous airs, deep barrels and a powerful rail game. Watch and see why the best surfing happens on Tour.

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