Here is a list of the 6 sickest surf edits on YouTube that get you itching to wax up your board and throw yourself over some ledges!

The Beach Head Crew Heads To Mexico

Griffin Colapinto, Nat Young, Ian Crane and Santa Cruz legend Anthony Ruffo charged deep down to Mainland Mexico and scored right-hand, sand-bottom, pointbreak perfection. This edit is full of perfect waves that combine deep behind the rocks barrel riding with aggressive vertical lip attacks. It's the kind of the surfing that makes discovering perfect waves all the better. 2013 ASP Rookie of the year Nat Young's backhand attack is on full display and with Santa Cruz being the 3rd stop on tour this year, will the local Nat Young get a wildcard and destroy a dream or two for the world's highest ranked?

On The Side With Kolohe Andino

When it comes to the pre-surf amp, Motorhead gets the job done every time. So, if you're looking to get fired up for your next session, let Lemmy and Kolohe Andino show you the way. Check the 2:15 time stamp as Brother puts on a clinic in barrel riding heavy, shallow Euro beachbreaks. In total, it's three-plus minutes of sick airs, heavy tubes and Motorhead. Its about as perfect a pre-surf edit as we saw in 2020.

John John Reaches For The Sky At Rockies

Earlier this year John John Florence dropped a day's worth of ripping at Rocky Point over the tune "Reach For The Sky" by Social Distortion. It had us smashing the rewind button. In overhead punchy surf, John reminds us that his forehand attack is one of the best in the world. Powerful layback hacks, progressive airs and ridiculous stylish carves that conjure the greats like Tom Curren to Andy Irons. Watch and learn, folks.

Italo's Ode To Andy Irons

When a modern surf savant such as Italo Ferreira tells us where he gets his motivation and inspiration from you have to listen. Italo took Andy Irons' part from Campaign and remade it basically wave for wave with the same exact song. It's amazing to see the World Champ paying homage to the original people's champ.

Andy was truly head of this time with his unparalleled passion that manifested itself as a brutal, unrelenting vertical attack, and to see Italo take inspiration from Andy reminds us that Italo's potential is limitless. The combination of Italo's bag of tricks and Andy's lip attack is what the crystal ball shows for the future of surfing.

"I don't want to compare myself to him, ever. Andy is my inspiration to surf better every day," wrote Italo.

Mikey Wright's Surfing Is Anything But Soft Serve

Mikey Wright's surfing is straight raw, unfiltered filth and power. To see what we mean, at the 8:15 time stamp he joins up with Kael Walsh and finds doubled up, spitting tubes. The icing on the cake is the song choice for this section ... "Forrest" by The Cure. This edit overall featured some of the most progressive surfing in the heaviest conditions. At the 1:36 mark you can see the waves around CT venue Margaret River absolutely going off.

Wade's Beastly Guide To Power Surfing

Wade Carmichael knows how he wants to shred ... and we love it. Big arcs, tight snaps and violent laybacks. Wade's forehand is as beast as anyone on tour. And the psych rock soundtrack is the perfect match for Wade's power. Sit back and enjoy a lesson in surfing like a beast.

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